Summer Camps/Leagues

  • Division 1
    Grades 6 & 7
  • Division 2
    Grades 4 & 5
  • Division 3
    Grades 2 & 3
  • Division 4
    Grades 1 & 2
  • Division 5
    Grades SK & JK


Basketball Summer Camp Info    See "NEWS and Start Dates" for details.

Extra work in the off-season can improve your child’s chances of making the team at school, playing more minutes or even being selected by one of the local all-star teams. HOOPS ALLSTAR Basketball Camp is a fun, motivational, off-season program through which your child can improve personal skills and develop individual talent in a positive, game-oriented framework that allows players to test their progress in daily competition.

Our format enables us to meet the needs of new players and those already experienced with the game and who wish to raise the level of their personal skills and team play. Each day includes extensive individual skills development in dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and ball handling, as well as game specific drills to improve court organization, offensive moves, individual and team defence.

Teams play 3 games each day and have 3 practices. Between games, campers are engaged in practice sessions specific to each team's performance in the previous game. Fee includes complimentary T-shirt, daily instruction, 15-game competition, awards, coaching and prizes AND it qualifies for the Day Care Exemption at tax time.

Introductory House league

Introductory House league is our newest forum and an enjoyable one in which your child can learn to play the game at a level that encourages early success with lower baskets and a small ball. This early exposure to the game is a great confidence builder for further play in the months and years to come.

Players receive 25 minutes of small group instruction each night in the fundamentals of ball handling, passing & shooting and then are introduced to the game gradually through a 25-minute game, with one new rule added each night as the league progresses and as their knowledge of the game advances. Our objective is to teach the fundamental skills and the game, thus rudimentary game drills in shooting, passing, catching and dribbling are taught each night in order to ensure fun and to improve individual and team performance. Each team has one 55-minute-session each night of the 8- game schedule.

Beginner & Instructional House leagues

Beginner Basketball and Instructional House leagues are an excellent way of continuing your child's involvement in the great game of basketball in a developmental and non-threatening, fun-filled environment which focusses on positive encouragement, equal playing time (10 players per team) and teamwork.

Our primary objective is to gain experience in the game, because the fun is in the play. Basketball skills are taught and drilled in order to promote development, success and fun.  Practice and game take place at each session on two nights per week over the 4-5 week schedule.

We are aware that young athletes and their parents are involved in other activities, thus if enrolment permits, we can prepare the schedule so that a team plays earlier or later games, as long as we are informed before the schedule is posted. Just enter details in the "Special Requests" box on the on-line Registration Page. Flexible scheduling makes it easier for a player to do two activities on the same evening and for us to have full teams on hand.

Occasionally, a league does not register a full complement of players. If there are sufficient registrations to form 2 teams, an instructional session can go forward. This provides the opportunity of playing experience & instruction for those who want it. The same number of games are played as would take place in a Competitive League, but we do not play for medals.

HOOPS is dedicated to giving everyone a chance to enjoy playing basketball & to improve their game.

This format satisfies that need.

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