Wanted to let you know how much Luc enjoyed Hoops and how much I appreciated the considerable effort you put into this program. We have moved to Vancouver, so we will no longer be participating. You may be interested to know that I looked for a similar program for Luc out here and the cost is $225 for a 6 week session! Thank you again for providing a very, affordable opportunity for our kids to develop new skills and have fun.

Wanted to send a big thank you to your group of leaders and yourself… I was very impressed on how well the basketball camp was run… Brock was looking forward to playing AND HAD SO MUCH FUN!… He is upset that we cannot do next week due to other things going on this summer… but look forward to the fall leagues for both Lauren and Brock… thanks again.
-Chris, Colleen and Brock.

I just wanted to thank you for another great Hoops session! Thank you for persevering and finding a place for the boys to play basketball. Adam had a fantastic time every night and can't wait for the next session. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the kids!
-Sincerely, Laura

Meghan has a busy hockey schedule and will not be playing HOOPS this year (she'll be too old soon as well). Audrey and I want to thank you for the many years of excellent fun and instruction that you and your coaches provided in the HOOPS program. All 3 of our girls really enjoyed the HOOPS program. Audrey and I appreciated the fact that anyone could join and everyone participated with the same amount of court time. The instructors were fair and let the kids have fun in addition to teaching them some basketball skills. You do a great job with the kids, and we hope the HOOPS program continues for a long time, because the kids certainly will benefit.
Thanks again.
-Sincerely Joe and Audrey

Just a thank you for doing this HOOPS program. My son has learned a lot and acquired great skills from HOOPS. He was on the Jr Boys basketball team for his school and he won MVP of his team. I know he would have never made it this far if it wasn't for the years of him playing HOOPS basketball. Again thank-you for running the HOOPS program.

I love that the coaches are getting paid and learning towards getting their coaching licenses(?). I think you are on the right track in explaining the HOOPS program because there is not enough information I could easily find on it and it's good to know how it operates. I really like the program when it is twice a week and the kids are nicely matched so the teams are fairly even. It's not always possible and you also accommodate for other things which is great. Thank you for offering the program.
-See you next year.

Fabulous! I'm so happy they won-Sam is thrilled. Sam is happy to do whatever league you think he will keep up with. He doesn't mind being in either league as long as he can keep up with the skills of the other boys. You're right- he has come a very long way and that's thanks to you and the coaches. You never gave up on him, even when he got frustrated that he couldn't keep up with everyone else! You're all fabulous! He loves basketball now and looks forward to playing. We will just go with the flow and wait to hear what league you have put him on. Thanks.

I loved your talk with the girls last week before they started their game, about having fun, getting to know their team mates and playing as a team as opposed to playing with friends. As a parent who has a sensitive child that sometimes cannot speak up for herself, it means a great deal.
-Thank you for all your hard work in HOOPS.

I would just like to thank you for all that you do for these boys. I did not think Sam would stick to it, as you may have somewhat noticed he is a big kid but he is very intimidated by others around him. So although he has a good arm for baskets he does not attack or defend (the ball). But that is the least of my concerns, with confidence and practice he will get there. I just thought I would thank you for your persistence in trying to get these kids out there. I was a proud mother on Thursday night and as much as I was proud of Samuel, you made it happen. Thanks Again,

Just a quick note... Cole is always so excited to go to HOOPS but tonight was an extra special night for him... he is on cloud nine that he got a basket in the game and many while practicing... this is a great program and confidence builder for the kids, so in a short and sweet note, Thank you so much from our whole family, especially Cole...=-)

I just wanted to extend a thank you for getting Logan on a team for this past Hoops session. He loved it! Your program is very well run and I can’t believe how much Logan enjoyed it and how much he improved. Your coaching team were excellent and I personally know Kevin and Joel and was very impressed with their relationships with the kids. Very positive and very motivating. We lost our game last night by a basket but it was very exciting. Thanks again and please keep us posted with any future Hoop programs.